Sara Robalo

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Session Recording

Elevate your music with help from a skilled session musician.

From soulful melodies to powerful anthems, Sara can provide vocals, guitars and more to bring any project to life.

Music Production

Let Sara help you transform your ideas into sonic masterpieces.

Sara brings expertise, creativity, and a passion for perfection to every project.

Mixing & Mastering

Polish your songs to perfection with Sara's mixing and mastering services. Transforming raw tracks into a refined sonic experience ready for release.


From orchestrating melodies to crafting harmonies, Sara can turn your ideas into a captivating arrangement with creativity and precision. 

With access to exceptional session musicians, you'll have the option to include full recordings if necessary.

Songwriting & Composing

From heartfelt lyrics to intricate melodies, Sara brings your ideas to life with creativity and expertise.

Let her craft the perfect soundtrack for your story or schedule a co-write from anywhere in the world!


Embark on a musical journey of your own! With tailored lessons, personalized guidance, and a passion for music Sara ensures a rewarding learning experience.

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Sara Robalo

Professional singer, guitarist, producer, composer & arranger

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