An experienced performer, having held multiple residencies in venues across Surrey and London, Sara can add that special live music touch to your venue or event and create the right mood for you and your guests. Sara has a varied repertoire which is sure to include some of your favourite songs – from current chart-topping hits to classics that have stood the test of time.

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Gill and Bass Acoustic are a duo offering live music for weddings and events.  Soulful vocalist Lauren joins Sara in covering a range of genres: tear-jerkers as you walk down the aisle? Tissues at the ready! High energy party tunes? Put on your dancing shoes! Jazzy background numbers for an intimate event? We’ve got you covered!

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Do you need vocals on a track? Or maybe some guitar work on your new song? Would you like a track mixed, or perhaps even a bespoke composition or a backing tack for your project? Sara has a modern studio set-up running Logic Pro X, and years of expertise. From short 30-second stings to epic film scores, every project will be considered.

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